Suicide by cat (Brunt / Van Reenen)

Quit killing my loved ones
Leave me alone
What did I do, to you
to be this accident-prone?
I am just a witness;
you’re a witness too
we stand here in amazement
we can’t believe it’s true

Space wants to kill you
And your mother too
Our world will erase us
no matter what we do
We circle ’round the sun
As our day’s already done
We walk on dust of empires
but our decline has just begun

You can’t stop
what never started
If life is one thing ever
it is not for the faint-hearted
Crazy hatred kills us all,
and there is more to come
But at least two best hopes
outweigh the one

The God of War’s a fucking whore
by purpose and design
And if he was the only problem
that would all be fine
Everywhere the earth is red
it is because of blood
if you’re in charge of blessings here
go tell your callous god

Faith, as it helps,
does not merit our derision
but worse than being blind is having sight,
but no vision
I tell the world to get well soon,
as we go down the drain
The end to all our suffering
disease, misfortune, pain

All our lives amount to is
that chiseled little dash
not the numbers conquered
nor the cash you flash

I don’t know, I can’t tell
but I’ll tell you where it’s at
we stand to go to hell
through suicide by cat.