Birdsong (Brunt / Van Reenen)

feedelee, feedelee, feedelee
that’s what a little bird whispered to me
it was lying through its beak
it was trying to not make you see
that it was the source of the leak
feedelee, feedelum, feedelee
feedelee, feedelum, feedelee

This trust that you put
in people like me
I’m not sure you should
or that we could be
but first, now we’re here
let these words ring true
this song is not about you. (2x)

Had I wanted to write
about our last night
Well I would not have done it
this way
since I then could have known
what you would say
and what you would think
of my antics today
feedelee, feedelum, feedelee
feedelee, feedledumb, feedleme

Now you are here I can see
the light in your eyes in front of me
and you know you deserve museums of you
even while you’re alive this is what they should do
They should name cities and lakes after you
put you on money and stamps and flags too
and maybe a country or two
for all the world to see
feedelee, feedelum, feedelee
feedelee, feedelum, feedelee

But now you’ll excuse me
’cause I must get drunk
and that’s after I ditch
the corpse in the trunk
which I didn’t put there
but I think you did
it won’t go away
until it is hid.
They will come looking
They’ll find us for sure
And I won’t be able to show them the door.

(feedelee, feedelum, feedelee)