Mask (Brunt / Van Reenen)

For your mask I really like you
it is beautiful just like you
but your mask is not just like you
it’s a mask, it isn’t you

Bring the mask and follow
to the sacred hollow
where the elders rest
and we tell the rest

How to grow old wise
and to not take lies
for the truth they’re not
or to leave to rot

all the things you knew
to be real and true
all the things you held
to be deeply heartfelt

when the choking smoke
and the blackened wreckage
of a world unwoke
send a woeful message

It’s your world in tatters
as the pink world shatters
and the hammers batter
down your door

Who do you live for
under this sun?
Who would you die for?
You’d better run.

Now run towards dawn
bring your brains not your brawn
and believe when you do
we will run there with you

see you are not alone
and you do have a task
it’s the one we will own
now let’s rip off the mask

this is who we are
destined to star
in an unshown tale
let’s not fail.