Death as a decoy (Brunt / Van Reenen)

Seeking something missing
but missing something left behind
you came frighteningly close
to the cliches of our times

Blue pill, red pill, green ones if you must
But it’s Kansas or kingdom, and Kansas just went bust
Broken people save broken people, that is true
And that was you but everyone is someone to somebody

Damn body, damn thoughts…
There’s a problem. Is it you?
Irony weaves a winding road towards the blue.

Once you’ve done it it is par for the course
but the first time makes the deadly mistake
The bad blood stays, it breeds ablution
There is no automatic break
Life’s a temporary stay of execution
You were never quite awake

Had you been Roman, this might have gone away
But now all laws are at the door
Your death’s a decoy, there is no proper ploy
True grief, new ways the same way as before
Enjoy, destroy, the difference is a mindset,
an epithet.