One over the moon (Brunt / Van Reenen)

One over the moon
of two days without you
because you told me
I could hold you soon
The third you died
you never lied
but it’s a real bad deal
for you to never feel again
and me to feel the way I feel

Good people don’t turn bad
but everyone can be
And like flies on a pork scratching
They will fight to come and see
The meek that will inherit the earth
Get it as soon as you get it
Battle for all you are worth
Take the snake but do not pet it

I see your column coming
from your run-down marble
your palaces stand softly crying
for the history that you garble
art is zen but only when
today this is a loveless town
I hate the sound of breaking glass
and bodies falling down

Through all this the birds still sing
If they weren’t eaten
Lack of interest on a wing
No mercy for the beaten
Let’s play a little game
Where you command and conquer
and I, refined, remain untamed
by your misled many, zonker
Power, as we know, is a powerful drug
But love’s an even better
So, better than to play mad hatter
come get our free hug.

They left us hurt for certain
They took our calm away
They miss their iron curtain
on every victory day
We’ll grant them losses
Real bad days for the sordid bosses
And for a start
we’ll trust our own voluminous heart
While you destroy
all we love, we will deploy
the power of our song
It will live and keep us strong
It will live and keep us strong

One over the moon
am I for your existence
sackcloth and ashes
hamlets burning in the distance
I’ll burn that bridge when you get to it
I’ll be energized
After all, it’s only human
to be dehumanized