Chance and serendipity (Brunt / Van Reenen)

Relax, put the murder out of your mind
The uncensored world
has ways to not be kind
the chain around your neck cannot always be pearled
when moving forward, don’t leave the fear behind

Chance and serendipity
Jesus died on me
and when we rolled the stone away
left nothing to see
oh look, but here you are
you never got too far
Too far away from me

All the world’s wind, and waves, and tides
had you homing in, in spite of the guides

Odd, these things that trigger us
the things that bring the past
And it’s awry, how things must die
and things don’t get to last

repeat chorus

And you feel, and you hurt
and you worry much and swallow dirt
And you drown
In other people’s lies

But I’ve got a different view
more lucid now, than new
and prolly true, as older makes wise
I call you easy on my eyes.

repeat chorus